There is a definite chill in the air, the shops are stocked with mince pies and yes that means it's time for the annual Photography Farm Awesome Christmas Gift List for Photographers. Feel free to share with your loved ones or what the hell, just buy them for yourself and pop them under your tree. Personally, I'd be very happy with any of these in my stocking this year... hint, hint!

First up, how brilliant would this be for 2016? It's a Photo a Day Wall Planner from the talented Veronica Dearly. Every day suggests a different idea, like 6pm, shadows or breakfast. This would be great for anyone who never quite got a 365 off the ground or to inspire the Instagram addicts amongst us. I just ADORE this... £10



What about this retro label maker for someone who needs a little organising in their life? They can merrily label everything in their lives and kudos to you for giving them the gift that just gives and gives. £22.95



How about this super cute little camera rubber stamp? It's tiny, it looks like a camera and stamps a little camera. I can think of so many ways to use this. £4original_rubber-camera-stampGot a slightly bigger budget and need to buy a gift that will impress the photographer in your life? How about a contact sheet from one of the legendary Magnum photographers such as Elliott Erwitt or Eve Arnold? Contact sheets give you a rare insight into how photographers shoot and they are utterly fascinating. These are available from The Photographers Gallery and come in beautiful archive boxes. £240



Like the idea of a printed product? Well dig into the National Portrait Gallery archive and you can order prints from a mere £15. They have a big range of options available per image and a lots of incredible photographs to choose from. I love this one of Kate Moss by one of my heroes Corinne Day but there are many photographs of historical figures from David Bowie to Darwin.

by Corinne Day, bromide print, 2006

Iceland, it's full to the rafters with Hipster Photographers and it's the inspiration behind the Reykjavik Instant Camera from Lomography. It comes with some fun lenses and gels and can shoot both long and multiple exposures. It's colour is inspired by the Icelandic midnight sky... yeah right and that is as good an excuse as any for a 'research trip'. £139


While we are on the subject of cameras, it's all about compact or mirrorless right now. Of course I adore my DSLR but when I'm not working and just want to take photos for me, I don't really want to lug anything too substantial or valuable around. So I'd love something decent but small enough to pop in my everyday bag. Like the Olympus Pen for instance or the Fujifilm X-Pro 1. I love this new generation of small but powerful cameras with retro styling but bang up to date tech ...

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 21.06.54

Books, they are always a winner. With all the screen time that photographers get these days, they more than relish viewing images printed and collated into books. The absolute king of photography books is UK documentary photographer Martin Parr. Essential parts of any photographers' bookshelf so start with Life's a Beach or The Last Resort. Or better still, get a ticket to Martin Parr's workshop at Farm Week 16. I'd also recommend the updated edition of The Photo Book From Polaroid to Impossible, a catalogue of incredible instant images.


My favourite shop in Brighton is Zoing, a veritable cornucopia of a place for photographers who like the fun stuff. Toy cameras, pinhole, Polaroid, Instax, Impossible, Lomo or loo roll cameras... there is so much stuff here to make you smile. And you don't even have to visit my home town, you can order by phone or online. I'm hoping to get this Polaroid Snap camera from the man in red this year. It not only produces an instant print but it also saves a digital copy for social sharing. £89


How about giving your loved one a whole year of awesome? Make a personalised calendar so on the first of every month they get to open up a new page and a new image. We love all the different options from Bob Books or the more artisan look of the Artifact Uprising wood ones.


What can you give the photographer who has everything? Well a bag to put it all in of course! For something functional and practical head over to Lowepro where you will find a huge range of incredibly well designed bags for everything from compacts to quadcopters. If you want style and made in the UK, then have a look at the gorgeous selection of leather satchels from Fig Bags. They are designed by a photographer and handcrafted. I'll take the yellow one please...