Adding Movement To A Wedding Dress With A Longer Exposure – Image of the Week #432

Igor Demba is well known for his glamourous destination weddings, often shot in warm climates with beautiful locations, so it was always going to be interesting to see what he came up with on a grey day in the Wilds Of Glasgow.

He embraced the cityscape and took his group up to the top of a nearby car park – a first considering all the times that we have shot around there with this conference. I don’t know if this was Igor pumping the locals for insider knowledge or if he did a recce and found it but either way, it’s a terrific location.

The gorgeous styling by Lena Sabala gave us very modern city elopement vibes that suit the setting so well. I love the little pop of colour with Eve’s shoes and her matching lipstick, adding interest to an otherwise very muted palette.

It sounds like Susie used the time whilst waiting for her turn to assess the scene and come up with a different take. This can be hard in these group scenarios, it’s not often that we have to shoot in front of our fellow photographers but I admire her for thinking of how she could make the best of the dress. She also didn’t compromise the connection between the couple to achieve this, so there is a lot to be impressed by with this image.

I seem to recall that Susie also won an Image Of The Week last year from one of our Shoot Sessions so I’d say that they are worth her investment!

Sony A7iii | Sigma 35mm 1.4 | f16 | ISO 80 | 1/13
Archipelago presets

What Susie said…

“This image was taken during a shoot session with the amazing Igor Demba at Thrive 2023 in Glasgow. I hadn’t planned to do a shoot session as I’ve just had a massive car bill and my season doesn’t properly kick off until May/ June, but the speakers at Thrive are always so good it makes you want to learn more from them!

Sometimes I’m hesitant to take part in group shoots because everyone ends up with very similar images but I quite like the challenge of having the same couple, environment, and time, but creating something that feels more like me. And when you don’t have the pressure of getting it perfect, like at a wedding, you can play a wee bit.

Igor led us through the streets of Glasgow and to this multi-story car park so we could get the Glesga skyline in the background.”

The Tech Talk

“As soon as I saw this dress (which is a River Island number btw!!) I felt that the sleeves deserved some swooshing! So I knew I wanted to play about with a slower shutter. Igor had placed Eve and Callum in the corner of the carpark and everyone took turns to get a few shots. I played around a bit with settings while I waited for my turn and just asked Eve if she could swoosh her sleeve a little. I shot a few frames and this is the one I liked the most. Just the right amount of swoosh.”

WORKSHOP HOST: Photography Farm
MENTOR: Igor Demba
STYLING: Lena Sabala
DRESS: River Island
NECKLACES: Katie Lees Jewellery
EARRINGS: Roberto Cavalli
SUIT: Walker Slater
HAIR: Pinup Hair Glasgow
MUA: Sarah Jane MacInnes Makeup
FLOWERS & CROWN: Narcissus Wedding Flowers
CONFETTI: Your Confetti
MODELS: The Madeleys