WHY farm?

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Back in 2000, I started Photography Farm for photographers just like you who want to take on the challenges that this industry throws at us and to find our own path – to thrive even when the going gets a little tough.

At first, it was a two-day workshop hosted at a luxury farmhouse in Surrey (hence ‘Farm’) but it’s now grown into so much more.

We offer training either online via THE BARN or my MENTORING PROGRAM plus in person at SHOOT DAYS and CONFERENCES.

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Yep, I am still a working photographer. I started shooting weddings back in 2000 and before that, I was a music industry photographer. When The British Journal of photography gave me an award, a helluva lot of photographers got in touch asking HOW CAN I LEVEL UP MY BUSINESS? It seemed like a good idea to get them all together in one space and I taught my first workshop in my home.

Farm grew from there and I’ve now helped hundreds of photographers through mentoring, online classes, and events. I also shoot editorials for Rock n Roll Bride magazine plus I write a monthly column for Professional Photo magazine.

I know what you’re thinking, she must work all the damn time! I do love this incredible career that can take you to amazing places and with wonderful people but I also love downtime – so no I don’t believe that you have to bust your ass all of the time.

I’m Into


Having the business of my dreams


Having Fridays off


Having no editing in my pile


Having great clients


Are you into podcasts? You can listen to a recent one that I did with the lovely folks over at Studio Ninja. This is the CRM that I use to run my photography business- it’s so good, I’d be lost without it. It’s also one of the businesses that gives our community a preferential rate. 50% off for an entire year! What a bunch of legends.


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